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Summer Game Pack (DOWNLOAD)

Summer Game Pack (DOWNLOAD)

$ 19.00

It's summer time! What do preteens love to do? Play games! Add these cool preteen games to any summer event and make it even more compelling. Great for camp, game night, midweek gathering or whatever else you can think of.

Why are games an important aspect of summer programming? Relationship builder; releases energy (preteens need lots of that); creates an fun and engaging atmosphere; attracts newcomers and relaxes the mind and opens it up to learn. Hey, it's summer...have some fun!

Our SUMMER GAME PACK is a great to have in your tool box this summer. There aren't a lot of game sources specifically for preteens, especially with a summer focus. So, what are you waiting for? Order today!


  • Beach Ball Stories 
  • Slip 'N' Sliide 'N' Grab
  • Noodle Joust
  • Chill Out
  • Shave the Beard
  • The Impossible Shot
  • Name That Snow Cone Flavor
  • No-Snow Sledding
  • Ducks In a Barrel
  • Frozen Scrabble
  • Noodle Tug 'O' War
  • Gone Fishing
  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat (not what you think)
  • Sharks In the Water
  • Rubber Duck Race

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