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Following God's Road Signs: Girls Small Group Series (DOWNLOAD)

Following God's Road Signs: Girls Small Group Series (DOWNLOAD)

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A 27 Week Bible Study on the Book of James for preteen girls. Includes 7 cool art projects that bring alive God’s Word!

James: Following God’s Road Signs is written to encourage and deepen the faith of preteen girls.

Let’s face it, life is not easy. We need a road map that will guide us in the right direction.

God wants us to focus on Him ~ especially when circumstances take unexpected U-turns. James will teach preteen girls how to: be joyful when they go through hard times, really listen to others, put their faith into action, treat others with kindness, and be wise. They’ll learn about drawing near to God with humility, mercy, and grace. Students will discover that prayer can be very powerful when we surrender our will and follow His.

Each week James: Following God’s Road Signs focuses on a few verses allowing dig-deep discussion and personal application. Each lesson includes a personal story relating the passage to everyday life with an Additional Sightseeing section to deepen the girl’s faith. Every four weeks, an art project is provided to reflect the meaning of that particular section. All projects have attached Scripture and by the end of the study, the girls will have the entire book of James on their art!

After 27 lessons and 7 art projects, your girls will be ready to face life as a confident, merciful preteen. James: Following God’s Road Signs will empower their walk with Christ and give them confidence as they walk the halls of their school. No more excuses for getting lost, Following God’s Road Signs will always lead you into the right direction!


  • Study the book of James verse-by-verse in a fun, creative & preteen-friendly way.
  • 27 exciting Bible lessons 
  • 7 creative art projects, one every four sessions. When complete, students will have the entire book of James on their art!
  • Dig-deep discussion questions included in each lesson
  • 7 videos related to the art projects
  • Lessons come in PDF format for easy sharing

The videos include a quick review of the previous 4 lessons and a hands-on demonstration of how to do the art project. Show them to students or use them for leader training. Videos can be watched online or downloaded. No DVD’s are available.


Lesson 1: James 1:1 – First Impressions



Lesson 2: James 1:2-4 – No Parking in Self-Pity



Lesson 3: James 1:5-8 – Stop and ASK for Directions



Lesson 4: James 1:9-12 – Handicapped Thinking – $250 Fine






Lesson 5: James 1:13-15 – Apply the Brakes!



Lesson 6: James 1:16-18 – Red Light, Green Light



Lesson 7: James 1:19-21 – Buckle Up – It could SAVE your life!



Lesson 8: James 1:22-25 – God’s GPS






Lesson 9: James 1:26-27 – Walk the Talk



Lesson 10: James 2:1-4 – Stop the Pollution



Lesson 11: James 2:5-8 – Lifetime Warranty, Guaranteed!



Lesson 12: James 2:8-13 – No Traffic Violation



ART PROJECT: The HEART ART – James 1:26,27-2:13



Lesson 13: James 2:14-18 – A Porsche with No Power



Lesson 14: James 2:19-24 – Where the Rubber Meets the Road



Lesson 15: James 2:25-26 – No Matter the Make or Model



ART PROJECT: The FAITH BANNER – James 2:14-2:26



Lesson 16: James 3:1-6  - Cool Down the Radiator!



Lesson 17: James 3:7-12 – No Diesel Fuel in an Unleaded Tank!



Lesson 18: James 3:13-18 – The Divine Driver’s Manual



Lesson 19: James 4: 1-3 – A Closer Look Under the Hood of Earthly Wisdom



ART PROJECT: The WISE OLE’ OWL PILLOW – James 3:1-18, 4:1-3



Lesson 20: James 4:4-6 – Stop, Right Turn ONLY!



Lesson 21: James 4:7-10 – YIELD



Lesson 22: James 4:11-17 – Dead End or New Beginning?



Lesson 23: James 5:1-6 – Behave Behind the Wheel



ART PROJECT: The LORD’S HOUSE – James 4:4-5:6



Lesson 24: James 5:7-11 – 10-Minute Oil Change



Lesson 25: James 5:12-16 – Clean Out your Car!



Lesson 26: James 5:17-20 – U-Turn Ahead



Lesson 27: James 1-5: – The Road of Review







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